5 Surprisingly Productive Things to Do When You’re Bored

    Reflection and Planning

    weekly reflection and planning is a crucial part of being productive. It involves reflecting on the past week, making a plan for the next week, and organizing your tasks and goals.


    Personal CRM

    a personal CRM (customer relationship management) system helps in keeping track of people you want to stay in touch with, their birthdays, and notes.


    Importing contacts

    Dex is a software that lets you import your phone contacts, the ones that you want, and you can set a frequency of how often you want to stay in touch with them and you can also add notes and it will give you reminders like oh you intended to stay in touch with this person every 3 months it's been 3 months since the last time you contacted them uh would you like to reach out and it's just a very very helpful way of keeping in touch with relationships especially as you age especially as we become busier especially as that becomes harder and it's a way of kind of having a system to help you be more thoughtful cuz we all want to be more thoughtful we all want to maintain these relationships and these connections but it can be really hard in the midst of all the things that we're doing so a very productive thing you can do is take a few minutes every now and then to update your personal CRM


    Recording a podcast

    record a podcast with a friend now this is something that I actually do like yesterday for example I was doing I was about to do a podcast with Cal Newport but he was running a few minutes late like half an hour late cuz he had a talk so I had this half an hour window of time where kin one of my new team members was in the house and instead of just sort of sitting around I said to kayin hey kayin should we just record a podcast just like a casual chat between the two of us and she was like sure and we had the cameras and the microphones and stuff set up and so kayin and I just had a chat over over the podcast and the weird thing is the nice thing about podcast formats is I I suspect if you're watching this you haven't tried doing a podcast or being on a podcast but it really encourages people to open up not necessarily their deeper Secrets but when someone is being interviewed on a podcast interviewed on a podcast it's like it becomes so much easier to expand on your thoughts and you kind of ask questions to people that you know that you may not have ever asked them before



    one of the most productive things that I can do with a few minutes of spare time is instead of trying to start any work task or scrolling social media or whatever is literally just take 3 to 10 minutes to just tidy my space like you know take the mugs that are gathering on the desk downstairs take the tissues that have sort of fallen out of the bin and put them in the bin empty out the trash take the wires that like you know the phone charger that's over there and the laptop charger that's over there and just sort of Tidy them up take stuff that's on on top of countertops like this thing and this thing and this freaking cable management thing and just put it somewhere out of sight