This Idea Will Make Your Business Unstoppable

    Resetting the Bar for Preparation

    In the high-achieving space, preparation is key to success. Preparation is not just about preparing once, but about preparing consistently and repeatedly. resetting your bar for preparation is essential to understanding the amount of work required to achieve success.


    The Importance of Repetition

    Repetition is key to mastery. The more you repeat the process of preparation, the better you will become at it. It's the only way to improve and reach the level of success one wants to achieve.


    The Power of Leverage

    Finding the right leverage can help one to achieve success. By understanding what will give one the biggest returns, one can focus on that and achieve the desired results.


    The Role of Prioritization

    Prioritization is key to achieving success. One must prioritize tasks and focus on the most important ones in order to achieve goals.


    Prepping for One-Time Performances

    If you're going to do a speech in front of a thousand people and you've never spoken before, and it's ideally hopefully it's a topic that you do understand but you just haven't spoken in that environment before then I want to control for every other variable that can approximate me speaking in front of a thousand people so that prep as closely as possible approximates the performance.


    Impressing Others

    I see this with the uh like the the Rolex Flex or the I rented the lambo for the day and look at my Instagram picture anybody who's really in the game is like dude my jet cost 500 Lamborghinis like I could give a what you drive right like the way you impress them is you outwork them.


    Preperations for Meetings

    If I get on the phone with someone and they have clearly 10 hours of preparation preparation for that call they don't need to sell me that hard I'm like I get it you've demonstrated in advance the value that you want to provide before started working together.


    Uncontrollable Thinking

    The more we try to razzle and dazzle our way through, the more our thinking becomes uncontrollable.


    Insufficient Preparation

    Five minutes of prep for a 60-minute meeting is often not enough, and can lead to underpreparedness.


    Battle Before the Battle

    Every battle is won before the battle begins, meaning that planning and preparation are essential to success.