How to Get Ahead of 99% of People (Starting Today)

    Success is Not Simple

    To be more successful than 99% of people in the world, you need to be willing to do something that 99% of people are not willing to do. ...


    Contrarian Ideas

    There is nothing resembling Monkish Behavior among the most successful people in the world. Let's be real, if an action is common, I.E., if you can literally get on YouTube and find hundreds of videos telling you to do it, then it's not gonna make you more successful than 99% of people by definition.


    Execution is Overrated

    Execution gets discussed most of the time because it's easy to observe, it's also easy to replicate. So while execution is incredibly important, it is not the thing that determines the magnitude of a person's success.


    Contrarian Thinking

    The hardest part about achieving extreme success isn't the work anyone can put in. It's being a correct contrarian. It's the willingness to question widely held assumptions. ...


    The Downsides of Extreme Success

    Now, the first and most obvious reason is nobody likes contrarians. I think a lot of people fantasize about extreme success because deep down they believe it's gonna bring them the validation and approval that they've always craved. ...