Turning $1M Into $1B+: A Masterclass From The Indian Warren Buffett

    Early Entrepreneurship

    Warren Buffett started his first business when he was just 11 years old. He ran a lemonade stand and later invented a paper route, earning $50 per week.


    Investing and Business

    Warren Buffett's business and investing experiences have taught him valuable lessons about the importance of patience and long-term investing, as well as the value of hard work and perseverance.


    CEC's and C's Brands

    Warren Buffett's investment in CEC's and C's power brand showed him the value of consumer brands and the importance of understanding consumer behavior and preferences.


    Learning Early Entrepreneurial Lessons

    I finished many MBAs before I was 12 by the time I was 15 or 16 I was don't know why my dad did it but I'm really grateful he did he used to take me on sales calls and you know who takes 15 year old on a sales call you know it just doesn't fit but my dad didn't care it was just incredible for me because I was getting to see um I was in um I finished high school in Dubai so I was in Dubai from the age of 16 to actually 19


    Finding Interest and Passion

    In that window of time my dad had a gold jewelry business and uh so we used to go I used to go with him uh to these um he was manufacturing gold jewelry and he was selling it to these uh retail Merchants right and so he's going into cold calling right right and uh and I'm I'm observing him going into a jewelry store he doesn't know them were you a silent Shadow or did you have a role in no no I was I was very silent but I was I was soaking it in


    Importance of Early Entrepreneurial Experience

    I actually never ever want to be an entrepreneur I never wanted to start a business because I had seen so much turmoil trauma in in my childhood right and I remember I was like um uh 24 or 25 years old and my dad was visiting me I was living in Chicago and he tells me it's time to quit and start your own business and uh so I said you know have you forgotten have you forgotten my childhood and uh you know all the ups and downs he said look the company you're you're in my the business I work for had 2,000 people he said you're such a tiny cog in a such a big wheel you could drop dead tomorrow they won't even miss you okay you don't matter


    Virgin Atlantic

    Richard Branson had the idea to start Virgin Atlantic


    Patel Motels

    Patels started buying small motels in the 1970s



    Mish started a fund which became successful



    Mish discussed how he attracted new investors


    Index Funds

    I think indexing is a great way to go for most people. I mean, uh, you're just investing in the market, right? You're basically buying a piece of the market as a whole.



    Let me tell you, compounding is the eighth wonder of the world.


    Buffett's Investment Decisions

    He's saying I would calculate in the last 50 years 58 years, Buffett made at least 400 different investment decisions.


    Buffett's Investment Principle

    The key to moving the needle is inactivity. If Warren Buffett has a 4% hit rate, the rest of us will have a 2% hit rate. So, we need to take the Buffett lesson, which is to leave a great business alone once we're in.


    Nick Sleep's Investment Strategy

    Nick Sleep and his partner Zach Wagh came across Amazon's annual reports and saw that it looked very expensive on an earnings basis, but they invested in it because they understood the business.


    RAS Company

    RAS is a warehouse operator in Turkey with 12 million square feet of warehouse space, and they rent out warehouses to companies like Amazon, Ikea, and Toyota.


    Walton Family's Investment Strategy

    The Walton family takes a concentrated approach to investing, with a significant portion of their net worth tied to a single stock, Walmart.