When is Technology Bad for You?

    Two types of technology

    Technology is not just about scale, it's about whether it's small-scale or organization-dependent. Small-scale technology is more self-sufficient and reliant on local resources, while organization-dependent technology requires external infrastructure and systems.


    Refrigeration as organization-dependent technology

    Refrigeration is a great example of organization-dependent technology. You can't make your own refrigerator from scratch, and you have to rely on a massive industrial system to produce and distribute refrigerators.


    Computers as organization-dependent technology

    Computers are another example of organization-dependent technology. Even though you can buy and use a computer, you're still reliant on a massive industrial system to produce and distribute computers.


    Cloud computing and storage

    Cloud computing and storage are examples of organization-dependent technology. You're reliant on external infrastructure and systems to store and access your documents.