becoming smart is easy, actually

    Becoming Smart

    The concept of becoming smart is often associated with lengthy education paths, but this is not the case. Becoming smart requires learning useful skills, solving problems, and acquiring knowledge. Moreover, one does not have to be born with exceptional genetics to become smart; intelligence can be developed through effort and learning.


    Genetic Factors and IQ Tests

    Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are often misinterpreted as a measure of intelligence. However, these tests are not accurate measures of intelligence, as they do not account for social and cultural factors.


    Learning and Practice

    The concept of learning involves the process of reading, taking notes, and practicing what is learned. Immediate practice is crucial for retaining information.


    Understanding and Remembering

    In order to understand and remember what is learned, one must create an imaginary situation where the learned information is useful.


    Getting Smarter

    To get smarter, one must practice what is learned and apply it in real-life situations. Practice tests and repetition also help in retaining information.