Match of the Day's Premier League all-time XI | BBC Sport

    Criteria for Selecting Premier League 11

    Debate and decision-making process on picking a premier league 11 based on players' positions and their premier league records.


    Goalkeeper Selection: Peter Schmeichel

    Peter Schmeichel selected as the goalkeeper based on his appearances, premier league titles, stature, and intimidating presence.


    Midfield Selection Debate

    The discussion revolves around selecting two midfielders for an ideal team from a pool of candidates including Lampard, Keane, Vieira, Scholes, Gerrard, and others. The commentators are weighing their individual merits, their history, and potential partnerships.


    Right Backs: Gary Neville Chosen

    Gary Neville emerges as the preferred right back due to his career longevity and understanding with teammates like Beckham.


    Left Backs: Ashley Cole Selected

    Ashley Cole chosen as the left back over other candidates due to his toughness in defense and significant contributions to success.


    Striker Partnership Choices

    The debate moves on to choosing two strikers from a list of illustrious names. The dilemma is intense as each candidate brings a unique skill set and prolific history. Personal experiences and respect for the strikers' ability make the decision tough.


    Central Defenders: Rio Ferdinand and John Terry

    The central defensive partnership was decided as Rio Ferdinand coupled with John Terry for their balanced defensive capabilities.


    Final Team Selection

    After much debate, the final team selection includes Shearer and Henry as the striker partnership, with manager Sir Alex Ferguson and captain John Terry. Although the team seems strong, opinions on such selections are subjective, and varied responses are anticipated.


    Wingers: Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs

    For the wingers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs were voted to take the right and left positions respectively.